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Bryce Poulin, PGA 

Camas Meadows Golf Course

4105 NW Camas Meadows Drive

Camas, WA 98607


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A game hundreds of years old that brings people closer to nature, their closest peers, & themselves, with real lessons that live on long past the 18th green. It truly is the greatest game played. 
Let's Play the game of a lifetime...
-bryce Poulin, PGA

Lessons & TeachinG

Bryce Poulin, PGA 

My Teaching Philosophy 

I believe that all golfers control their own swing and have unique qualities that can be utilized to build off the individual's core skills. I focus on developing a plan to turn their on-course weaknesses into strengths, with total emphasis on helping the student reach their ultimate goals and elevating their golfing performance on the course. 

Golf can and should be made simple. Let's just focus on the things that matter and that we can control. If we do that, we are on the right path to playing better golf and furthering our enjoyment of this great game. Please CONTACT ME below with any questions about lessons, programs, or other opportunities. Thanks and happy golfing!

"My goal is not to teach you just golf. My goal and job is to teach you to how to play golf, enjoy golf more, and improve your performance on the golf course." - Bryce Poulin, PGA 

Lessons ~ Group Programs ~ Youth Golf Academy ~ Instruction



Golf lessons & packages for all skill abilities (beginner to top competitive players) with personalized instruction and lesson plans.  Focusing on the right things, with the right knowledge, with excitement, develops long-term improvement. Let's play better!

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Student Testimonials

Group Lesson Programs 

 ~ Ladies ~ CoEd ~

Whether you're ready to give golf a try, or excited to play better golf, a group program is your perfect place to start or develop your golf game!   All classes are fun, casual and social! 

Washington youth golf academy at camas meadows


~ Ages 6&U to 17 ~

Golf Classes & Programs for ages 6&U to 17 ~  where youth go to learn a game of a lifetime and skills for life. 

~ Core Vales ~

Community | Character Development | Friendship | Fun

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The Leach Family

You run an amazing program.  We appreciate that it is family orientated and teaching such great qualities of sportsmanship and respect...and golf too!

Let's Play The game of a lifetime...


Bryce Poulin, PGA

My parents and grandfather introduced me to golf at the age of four. I’ve never stopped playing and enjoying this game. The reasons are simple: they made the game fun, achievable and encouraging for me—and those qualities now form the foundation of my golfing core values. As a teaching professional developing others in the sport, I believe those simple principles allow us to enjoy the game for a lifetime. Golf should be fun. We should set achievable goals and experience success. And along the way, we should encourage and celebrate our growth as we move through the learning process.

This is my mission statement in my own game, and in my teaching:

Fun. Achievable. Encouraging.

Throughout my childhood in Truckee, California, I played junior golf, concluding with a State Championship during my junior golf season at Truckee High School. Following high school, I earned a BA in Business Management at Washington State University in Pullman, WA, where I graduated Manga Cum Laude.

My formal career in golf began at the Oregon Golf Association (Junior Golf) as a USGA Boatwright intern. After successfully expanding youth golf opportunities, I had the pleasure of joining Camas Meadows Golf Course as the Director of Player Development and began developing golf programs for juniors, men and women of all ages and ability. Together with Chris Garrison, PGA, I helped launch the Washington Youth Golf Academy at Camas Meadows (est. 2015), and the CM Adult Programs, which have impacted and developed over 500 new and  established golfers since 2015. Having fun is at the center of my love of this game. Above all else, it’s my goal to foster this same sense of enjoyment and passion in all of my students and program participants.

Credentials & Specialties

PGA Class A MEmber

Class A Member of the Professional Golfers' Association of America

Video & Technology Focus

Video and technology focus in teaching to assist student's understanding of bio-mechanic motion & influencing factors of ball flight - all focused on improving on-course performance. 

Custom Focus &Tailoring

Each golfer is unique and there isn't a "one size fits all" for all players. Bryce provides specific & tailored instruction to maximize development & success. 

Titleist performance institute | Certified

Certified in the TPI program, which focuses on understanding the body's connection and function during the golf swing to increase development & performance.  

~ Certified ~

US KIDs Golf Coach

Awards & Achievements
  • Pacific Nortwest Section PGA | Player Development Award ~ 2018

  • Oregon Chapter PGA | Player Development Award ~ 2018

  • Oregon Chapter PGA | Youth Player Development Award ~ 2017

  • Oregon Golf Association | Club Executive of the Year Award~ 2017

  • PGA Class A Member | PGA of America ~ March 2017

  • Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) | Certified ~ Sept 2017

  • Oregon Golf Association | Outstanding Facility Supporting Junior Golf Award ~ 2015

  • Oregon Chapter PGA | Supported Chris Garrison,PGA earning Youth Player Development Award ~ 2015 

  • Washington State University | BA in Management & Operations ~ Magna Cum Laude Honors ~ 2013